Saturday, August 20, 2011

August 2011

Where did the summer go?  It has been sooooooooo extremely hot and the air quality poor due to the dismal Swamp fires.We have been indoors way to much.  We have not even used our grill since May.  Looking forward to some cooler temperatures so we can clean out the shed and get rid of some of the clutter around here.  Our plan is to get our home in repair so that we can move in two years. If The Lord sees fit we would like to move to Summerville, SC to be near family.

Our son has started Martial Arts and still likes it after three weeks.  It is a Christian program where they memorize scripture and it teaches character.  His instructor has taken a job out of the area so we will meet the new one on Monday.  He is not good with changes.  I hope they will hit it off.  If not we have another option to take the class at a different location.

We will be home schooling again this year.  We have not found a school that meets his needs.  We have not been on the special diet but need to do this gradually again so that he will not feel deprived or different.  He has intestinal issues and we see a different Gastrointestinal specialist this month.

We still have not received any definitive diagnosis for my husband.  The muscle biopsy was negative.  They have stopped some of his medications and vitamin supplements.  He had high levels of B6.

I am still hoarse after many months.  I am sure the poor air quality has contributed.  I am assuming it is the Sjgroens, medications and acid reflux.  The endoscopy test revealed a hernia that was stretched during the test. Actually the acid reflux has been worse since they repaired it...

My step daughter and grandaughters health have improved.  They are doing a lot better as this has lifted a great burden from my heart.

I would ask for prayer for a 4 year old name Sawyer who is in the hospital with kidney failure.  Pray for a miracle. His family home schools as well.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer.


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