Saturday, June 18, 2011

June has been a challenge.

We have been bombarded with medical appointments and co pays this month.  Therapy is always twice a week.  My husband has had numerous appointments with specialist and Friday an outpatient muscle biopsy. We also squeezed in two days of westcock-johnson testing for home school.  Needless to say we are all exhausted and tired of appointments. 
The good news is my son did really well after not making any  effort with his school work.  He scored way above levels on English, 8th -10th on parts of the test. He was in 6th grade.  We just have to work with writing and sentences.  He also went up a level in Math which was only made possible by a patient tester, prayer and the amazing calculator! He has always been behind in math, yet he was getting A's in public school with special accommodations. He just doesn't get Math!!!
My husband is healing from the biopsy.  He still has numerous test before we find out any results.  He is resting and in good spirits. We  are having a laid back weekend before starting another week of appointments... I am thankful for health insurance just wish it covered more.
Looking for a friend or mentor to do things with my son this summer with good character.  We had to do an increase in his medication a few days before testing.  He was very manic.  Obviously, he was stressed about the testing.
We are also expecting another grandchild.  My oldest stepson told us this week that they are 16 weeks pregnant.  Praying for them and that he will get a great job.
A lot on our plate this month but God never gives us more than we can handle.   

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