Friday, March 16, 2012

Teens Now

I really haven't been around today's teens other than seeing the mischief of the neighborhood. I was thinking WHY did they put me with teens in AWANA this year.  I worked with 3-5th grade girls for 10 years, I feel safe there.  I didn't even like the teens that I have met.  That was September.  I had a lot of praying to do... Lord love them through me. Now, that the AWANA year is close to an end I have a burden for these kids. (teens) They live in a different world than I grew up in. Cyber World where every thing is instant.  What pressures they must feel.  Can you imagine being a girl in high school having a bad hair day/mood swings/boy problems/pimples ect. and your face being posted online for all to see.  Cyber Bullies...Yes they are your friends and enemies and we thought we had presure. Kids today can't sneeze w/o worring that someone caught it on there camera phone. How do we expect them to be respectful? They have not been taught RESPECT for GOD, parents or authority figures. They hear so much disrespect from those in charge that they we are reaping what we have sown. We grew up with dress codes at school. We stood with our hands on our hearts to say the Pledge of Allegience to the flag.  We were allowed to pray at school.  We said yes sir. We did what we were told or there were consequences.  Not sure how I got on this but was trying to say life is different than when we grew up.  They need safe places to go because they will find places to hang out.  They need role models who are not Bad Examples. They need youth groups where they are loved and accepted for who they are. Places where they can learn how to live  and be what God intended them to be. They need our love acceptance and prayers.

Todays teens are not the bad people I expected them to be.  They are stressed, children in growing bodies trying to find out who they are.  They need our help.  If not us as Christians the worlds. Whose view do you want for your children and grandchildren?  I was taught at a very young age, :Don't let the world around you, squeeze you into it's mold."  This is what I wish for our teens.

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