Friday, May 20, 2011

Let's Step Back

Stepping back on medication for us is being off ADHD medication.  Today we are starting  Detox supplements for our son.  He has never responded well to any of many medications. All of which have side effects such as weight gain, loss of appetite, eating non stop, craving sweets, constipation, ect...
Our hope that the Amino-D-Tox and Milk Thistle by Design for Life, will cleanse his system which will enable him to respond to medications as needed to make his quality of life better..  This was ordered by his mental health physician for 30 days.
So far he is louder and more hyped, which is normal for him w/o a ADHD med.  He is able to sleep with the clonodine which is helping all of our moods.
This is the next step of our journey, one that was missed because of his lack of cooperation.  We found Dr. Charles Parker at corepsychblog who has taken a real interest in him.  He is working on his total health his bowel issues and brain issues.
We were told by our developmental pediatrician that Aspergers was the best diagnosis at age 5 but a psychiatrist would come up with 12 different labels. Since that time he was right, he has been given many labels.  He had early intervention with many hours of individual, group, speech, OT and an IEP through 3rd grade.  At that time we decided that an individual education plan should be supplemented individually. That is why we home school.  He can learn where he is on different levels.  We are getting ready for the testing required by the state.  Has he progressed, yes but will a test show this?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sleep,,,, Heavenly Peace...

If you do not have a sleep issue in your house then you are LUCKY and will probably find this boring.  First of all my husband has 2 sleep disorders.  If he doesn't get a good nights sleep, with a sleep aid and his breathing machine then coping becomes next to impossible.
My child  has never sleep through the night until we added a sleep aid at age 5.  He seems to be on the night shift if not medicated.  About 6 weeks ago we tried a different ADHD medication.  We had to stop the clonidine.  We'll what can I say but we have all been rather cranky...Clonidine was added back, Intuniv stopped.  Miracle, he fell asleep with his head on the clean linens in the laundry basket thinking he was gonna stay up again.  I got him to bed and he slept 12 hours, then 8 the next night.  We are w/o ADHD meds. but WE HAD SLEEP!!!!  Without proper sleep he is more prone to rage/tantrums and true irritability.
I too rely on a sleep aid, I have a compromised immune system, I Must Sleep... Coping is a whole lot easier with a good night of SLEEP...Every body benefits.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Medication Challenges

Today I am ready to throw out the Neurotin, not working for fibromyalgia pain...  Health insurance would not pay for cymbalta so I must try this.  Give me back my anti depressant at least I could cope better with the pain and my child!!!
My child is not explosive today nor is he cursing non stop.  Which is something that therapy has not helped.  It's not like he lives in a home where we speak it.  He has his days and nights reversed since his last medication change...He has an appointment Monday so I am working on my list of what we need to change.  He does not respond well to medications.  We did IGG testing which shows he has food sensitivities to almost everything.  We have tried a Gluten,wheat, dairy, egg, cashew, yogurt, yeast, free diet.  He is very uncooperative. If it says gluten free, he won't try it.  He is a picky eater.  He only eats it if it looks right. Yes he is spoiled and over protected, but he also has sensory integration issues.  When I grew up I ate what was on my plate, I can't imagine telling my mom that I was not going to eat her crappy food.  This is part of his mood disorder, I am not to take it personal but it is!!!,
What does that mean, how do you not take it personal when you spend your life loving your child, taking him to doctors, therapist, OT, speech, group,home schooling, because he can't handle school, playing with him because he can't keep a friend and you are the target of his anger and aggression.
Yes, bring back the anti depressant, not coping as well as I'd hoped.  Puberty is kicking in and I can't see things improving anytime soon. Ii will never give up on my sweet little boy who can be the sweetest child in the world until his switch goes off...Prayers and hugs for my sweet child xoxo  Mom


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lupus Awareness Month

May is Lupus Awareness Month.  I was diagnosed in 1990. Today I set up a face book page for our local chapter.  Join us at :Lupus EVA chapter
Let's Band Together for Lupus  Go to the LFA National site for all current information, trial drug studies and ways you can help
I will spend another day telling My Lupus Story.  Today I have an explosive child to deal with. Which is another blog we won't get into today.