Friday, April 6, 2012

THINK Aspergers

My son has Asperger Syndrome. He like other kids on the Autism spectrum want to be social and have friends. It does not come naturally to them. They have to be taught social skills from social stories, social skill groups, TV/movies, computer,games and patient people who work with them on this area. These kids THINK differently. They THINK Aspergers.  My son is very animated, moody, anxious, and loving. He wants friends so badly. He copies lines from movies, cartoons, and video games.  He says things that are not appropriate and sometimes disrespectful.  He sees himself on the same level as adults. He often interrupts because what he has to say is what is most important at the moment.  He is not trying to be rude, he is being Aspergers. These times can be teaching moments if Mom remembers to THINK Aspergers and not be impatient or embarrassed.  My son is quirky as most AS kids are.  They all have special interest. That is all they think about and talk about. This drives other children away and they don't seem to understand why.  He is emotionally immature.  Asperger kids are at least 3 years behind their peers.AS kids test unevenly.  They seem so smart in some areas that adults expect to much from them. They are very literal. They are confused by metaphors, idioms and lies.  They know a script and if the script is not followed they become angry or emotionally upset.  They are easily taken advantage of and bullied. Our kids do not respond to typical parenting techniques because they are not typical.  Consequences are not something they learn from. They need us to be calm, stay sane and not react. AS kids feed off our emotions/stress. They are prone to melt downs/Rage/destructive behaviors. Medications, diet and therapy can help. 

As a parent of an Asperger child I need to educate myself in order to get the proper help and services for his specific need.  I need to pay attention to his emotions and act accordingly to prevent meltdowns, THINK Aspergers.  I need to Respect his needs even if they seem unusual or senseless.  I need to build his interest and strengths.  I need to THINK abilities not disabilities.  I need to provide outlets for his negative emotions.  I need to offer him new sensory experiences in small doses.  I need to be his advocate.  I need to allow him to experience anger, frustration and unhappiness w/o judgement or criticism. I need to respect his fears.  I need to collect my thoughts before I respond to him.  Each Asperger child is unique. Without a proper diagnosis a child will go through life not knowing why they are different.   Why do they THINK Aspergers? We as parents need to THINK Aspergers and educate those around them about Asperger Syndrome Disorder.

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