Friday, December 23, 2011

Natural Approach

About a year and a half ago we met Dr. Charles Parkercorepschblogspot,com where we started a new journey to find solutions for our son. He was very optimistic.  He saw his problems as internal/gut related and gave us a lot of hope,  He is the first Dr./Psych./therapist that offered us HOPE.  He ordered neuro transmitter testing, labs, and we did 110 food allergy testing. Of course his neuro transmitters were way off.  His food sensitivities were so many that there was very little to eat.  I shopped organic and prepared Gluten free, dairy free, egg free, tried to cut out sugar, food dye, and just about everything that US people eat.  That didn't last long.  He ended up in the hospital twice.  His rage/explosiveness was worse than ever.  He was stabilized and we had an okay year until the medicine stopped working again.  You have to know that some people never see this other side to my child.  He can hold it together until he is in the safety of those closest to him. That would be US.  He  has no desire to take the supplements or follow a special diet.  He referred us to Dr. Bonnie Rose ND  She is a very caring, educated doctor with a nutritional approach. She did a hair analysis. Today we received the preliminary results. She was able to describe what was going on with him by all of his imbalances w/o a medical history.  She could see his rage, mood swings, depression, impulsive and adhd/bipolar behaviors. She is also moving into Dr. Parker's practice next week, which is a giant plus for us as they work together. I feel like the puzzle pieces are coming together.  She has Fibromyalgia as I do.  She recommended the same supplement that he will be starting on Christmas Eve.  We will start together.  She has a lot of Hope for him.  She is so excited  for his future. He has so much potential.  She feels that he was born with most of these imbalances which have caused malnutrition even though he appears to be over weight. My prayer for the New Year is for him to become healthy/happy/ and be able to enjoy life w/o stress/anger. For three years his prior therapist has been preparing us for Residential treatment, but we know God Gave Us This Child and has a plan and Purpose for him.


  1. Believing for the best for you and your family in 2012, Laura, with the Lord's help. :D

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