Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday Headaches

Holidays are stressful.  Let me say that again, Holidays are STRESSFUL... IF you have physical health problems, special needs or are just human, Holidays are stressful!!!!!!

 You can plan the perfect Christmas. Make your house look like a Hallmark movie or decorate your yard to impress your neighbors.  You can out do your children's friends parents when it comes to gift giving. Give gifts that you cannot afford or will be paying for until the next Christmas. You can put pressure on yourself that will make you so exhausted that you cannot enjoy the day, memory or the joy of giving.

I know this because I have done these things. Giving is joyful but not when you give because it is expected.  I have hurt so bad after cooking for two days for a perfect Christmas Dinner that all I have wanted to do is take a pain pill and sleep.  Let's not even get into baking...

Last year my child's big present was a keyboard.  One day he may play it.  Guess what he loved?  It was a book about World War II.  He read it out loud to us all morning. He was so thrilled.

I love Christmas but every year they rush it earlier and earlier so that by December 25th all the stores have is valentines and spring apparel. People take there trees down the next day because they are over it.  That is the week that we should be celebrating.

This year I plan to remember the true meaning of Christmas. I am not going to over do or over give and try not to over eat.  I want to give from my heart. I want to relax and enjoy the memories.  I want to enjoy my family, relatives and friends.  I want to remember that it is a celebration of the birth of Christ.  I want to take time to reflect His Goodness and Grace.  I want to remember The Reason for the Season.

:For God  so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him shall not perish but have everlasting Life." John :16

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