Monday, June 11, 2012

Medication Mistake

I am in charge of making sure that we all get our medications taken and refilled. I am usually good at this but recently I made a big boo boo. I am the one that had to suffer the consequences. We were getting ready for vacation. I called in all refills. Picked them up and filled all daily medication boxes. What I didn't know was that the pharmacy did not fill one of my prescriptions.  I did not catch this and filled my box with doses of a very similar looking medication that I had never been on before.  This medicine had been called in by my Rheumatologist without my knowledge. on our last visit she was going to check on something and see if insurance would cover it. This was a non sedative muscle relaxer. I took this for over a week thinking it was my kidney medication. I have Lupus kidney involvement therefore I must stay on Cellcept to keep my function normal. I noticed swelling in my feet which I contributed to all the driving. Fatigue was something that I deal with everyday but I could hardly get off the couch. This went on until I noticed that the pills were not the correct ones to go into my weekly sorter box. The pharmacy ran the prescription through with no problems but was told that the insurance company would not pay for it prior ... After being on the correct medicine my flare has been less noticeable. My advice would be even if medications looks similar READ the bottle. I am very careful with medication and would prefer to live without it but thankful that God has given knowledge to doctors and scientist on how to treat our physical needs.

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