Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sleep,,,, Heavenly Peace...

If you do not have a sleep issue in your house then you are LUCKY and will probably find this boring.  First of all my husband has 2 sleep disorders.  If he doesn't get a good nights sleep, with a sleep aid and his breathing machine then coping becomes next to impossible.
My child  has never sleep through the night until we added a sleep aid at age 5.  He seems to be on the night shift if not medicated.  About 6 weeks ago we tried a different ADHD medication.  We had to stop the clonidine.  We'll what can I say but we have all been rather cranky...Clonidine was added back, Intuniv stopped.  Miracle, he fell asleep with his head on the clean linens in the laundry basket thinking he was gonna stay up again.  I got him to bed and he slept 12 hours, then 8 the next night.  We are w/o ADHD meds. but WE HAD SLEEP!!!!  Without proper sleep he is more prone to rage/tantrums and true irritability.
I too rely on a sleep aid, I have a compromised immune system, I Must Sleep... Coping is a whole lot easier with a good night of SLEEP...Every body benefits.

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