Sunday, September 4, 2011

What if and Whens

What exactly is your child's diagnosis?  Why are you raising him?  Wouldn't he be better off with his kind?  You home school him?  You are not his mother?  What's going to happen when he gets bigger?  He needs to be social.  He needs to fit in.  He needs to.....  Eye brows are always raised. 

Yes I have been asked all of these questions and a multitude more in the past twelve years.  Do I answer them?  Sometimes I do and sometimes I grit my teeth.  Sometimes I even wonder why our normal seems to be so different than typical.

We are trusting God for the what if's and whens.  As for a diagnosis, it is just a label or many. I can say his therapist and psychiatrist feel he can get a better education at home.  The special ed  teacher that test him yearly recommends one on one teaching for him. 

We have storms in our lives that cause us to question and rethink our goals.  We wonder how much abuse do
we put up with in a special needs child and how capable is capable? The storms will continue to brew but the sun always shines. 

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